Holidays & Pre-Orders

To ensure you receive your desired holiday arrangement we highly recommend pre-ordering in advance. Pre-orders for major holidays can be placed as soon as the catalog for the holiday is posted.

Pre-orders are made fresh the night before or the day you select for the delivery. This will vary depending on the number of orders ahead of it, flowers on hand, and the size of the order itself. Either way your order will be fresh!

If you need to cancel or change your order please call the shop as soon as you can. Any order already en route for delivery or delivered cannot be cancelled.

We will continue accepting orders for a holiday, even same day deliveries, until we are sold out of flowers. In the event that this should happen, we will post notices on the homepage of this website, on our social media feeds and inside our shop.

On a major holiday we cannot accommodate requests for deliveries at specific times. This is due to the sheer number of orders we receive, but we guarantee that we will get your order to its destination!

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