Will you accept orders from other florists?
Yes! If you are a florist wanting to send an order in our delivery area, please call us directly. You can have your customer choose something off our web site or yours. We will set you up as a customer and bill you at the end of the month. It’s just that easy. Call ahead for more details. Our phone number is 315-252-7529.
Is this arrangement fresh?
Many of our customers comment on how fresh and long-lasting our flowers are. We buy them fresh and we give them special care and handling here in the shop.
Is that going to look nice?
Smiley's designers take great pride in the quality and expertise of their arrangements.
Do you deliver?
Yes. Please click here for our delivery area and associated fees.
What is your minimum for delivery?
We require a minimum purchase of $25 for the order before tax and the delivery fee.
How late do you deliver?
We only guarantee same-day deliveries for orders we receive before noon. We will try to accommodate orders received after noon but depending on staffing at the shop, weather conditions and other orders we have received the delivery may be delayed to the following day.
Do you ship products outside of your delivery area?
At this time we do not ship any products. If you are out of our delivery area and would like us to help you please call the shop.
The recipient for the order I am placing lives close to the shop, may I get a discount on the delivery fee or have it waived?
No, our delivery fees are flat rate and do not change, regardless of how close the recipient is to the shop. No exceptions.
Can you bill me?
We do offer in-house billing for purchases made in our store. We expect your bill to be paid within 30 days of receiving your invoice. Items purchased online must be paid for with a credit card.
Can I wait while you make the arrangement?
We are happy to make a special arrangement while you wait, however, sometimes we have deadlines that cannot wait. In that case, we may ask you if you have other shopping to do and come back in an hour or so.
How often do I need to water my flowers?
Your arrangement comes with a one day supply of water so daily watering is necessary.
Can you make me a fresh arrangement like the one in the cooler?
The arrangements in the cooler are made daily from the same flowers in the back cooler.
Why doesn't my arrangement look like the picture?
When advertisers take pictures of flower arrangements, they use only flowers in full bloom. At Smiley's, we use flowers in various stages of blooming so you can enjoy your flower arrangement for a longer period of time. Another trick that advertisers use is, they make the arrangements one sided. There are no flowers on the back side of the arrangement. Smiley's customers tend to like their arrangements all the way around.
Do you offer wholesale prices?
We do sell our products wholesale. You must have a current tax ID number. We have a minimum purchase of $150. Call 315-252-7529 for more information.
Will you donate for a fundraiser or a benefit?
We always try and help our local community. If you are having a benefit, we will donate a dried flower wreath for you to raffle off. For fundraisers, come in and meet with us for ideas.
I am a wedding planner/family member and want to meet, but neither the bride and groom can make it. Can we still meet?
We apologize, but we cannot arrange a meeting without either both the bride and groom, or the bride. Please confer with them and let us know a date that works for all parties and we will be happy to meet then!
A family member recently passed and I would like an arrangement with a ribbon that states our relationship, but I am confused on what to put on the ribbon. What should I do?
First, we are sorry to hear about your loss! You would want the ribbon to describe the person it is honoring. For example, if it was your grandfather who passed you would want the ribbon to say "Grandfather". We have cards that we can list who the arrangement is from on if you would like.

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