About Smileys

Our Heritage

The original Smiley's was founded in 1948 by Mr. Albert Smiley. With such a cheerful name for himself, he saw it fitting that he give it to his flower business as well. He ran Smiley's until 1979 when The Guido Family took over the shop and made their family name the name of the business. Then one summer day in 2006, the present owner Jackie Scanlon took over and made the shop her own.
While exploring their new building, Jackie found an old set of wooden letters that spelled SMILEY'S. As it turned out, those letters were from the original sign. Wanting to bring back an old familiar name to the Owasco community, she decided to reinstate Smiley's as the name for her business. Those letters are on display today behind the front counter inside the shop.
Since Jackie stepped into the shop in 2006, Smiley's has indeed reconnected to the community by getting involved and getting to know each and every customer that we serve.

Our Company

What to Expect / What Makes Us Different
Our welcoming atmosphere comes from our dedication to creating a family based work environment. Not only does each family member contribute with his/her own special talents, but we tell our staff that at Smiley's they are not just coworkers, but they are family too. That is how we operate. We all care about what we do here for each other and for the customers.

Our Products

We offer a large selection of quality products including Home Decor, Flowers, Candles, Baskets, Marie Osmond Jewelery and handbags, Willow Tree angels, Christmas Trees, Silk flowers, wreaths, and much more.

Our Services

We are a full service flower shop. That means we are here to help you through your weddings, funerals, day to day, and special events from start to finish. We do it all from helping the guys get just the right bouquet for a first date, high schooler's prom needs, to get well, and much more.

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